The "Border Route": a borderland-trail
The "Border Route" is a themed cycle route highlighting the special culture in the border region between Germany and Denmark. It presents culture/historical topics close to nature paths.

Between Wiedau sluice near the North Sea and the old fjord city Flensburg, the "Grenzroute" follows idyllic paths on its 130 km route along the German/Danish border. Along the way, it traverses the border 13 times.
There are two parallel cycle routes – the northern Danish National Route 8 and the southern North Sea/Baltic Sea Cycle Route – gving cyclists possibilities of taking short cuts or a circular route.
The "Border Route" will connect all natural and cultural sights in the border region and will provide a number of infrastructure advantages.

Cyclists can prepare for their journey along the Border Route by contacting The website provides cycle maps for downloading, entertaining stores about “Grenzkultur” – the unique culture in the border region, a broad illustration of the regional cultural history and all necessary tourist information re accommodation and activities. Much of this information will also be published in a cycle guide to be issued in 2005, and available from Turist Marketing Sønderjylland.

The "Border Route" is much more than just a signposted cycle route. Along the way, almost 40 information points in German and Danish depict general maps and informative topics about the special culture, nature, and sights in the border area. In case of bad weather, cyclists can find refuge in one of the 10 newly built cabins that have been erected along the way.

The "Grenzroute" will enable schools to make excursions dealing with the topic of culture in the border region. Economical accommodations in schools along the route can be provided, and classes also have the option of ordering a suitcase containing material about the border region’s history, sights, nature and lots of other interesting information.

Students also have the possibility to contribute to the Grenzroute´s website, where they can publish stories about their own experiences or about the history of the region. The homepage’s system will be accessible in German, Danish and English. Tourist offices, galleries, museums, etc. also have the option of presenting themselves on the net and giving information about what they have to interest tourists.
The “Grenzroute” creates a broad, updated platform of eventful experiences and opportunities for increased tourist-related enterprise in the region.

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